Alva Museum Replicas Double Figure Monkey Figurines Necklace, Diquis Costa Rica


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      The original is of gold, from the Diquis region of southwestern Costa Rica, about 1000-1500 A.D. This large pendant represents two monkey-like human figures. Gold objects of this type were made by casting in the "wax model" or "lost wax" process: the entire object was first constructed of wax; this model was then invested in a clay and charcoal mold, the wax heated and allowed to run out through an opening left for that purpose; molten gold was then poured into the mold to take its place. The piece was removed by breaking the mold. Authorized, copyrighted reproduction made in metal, gold electroplated, from the original at the American Museum of Natural History, by Alva Museum Replicas, Inc., Long Island City, N.Y. Pendant measures 2.5 inches tall x 3.75 inches wide and chain is approximately 25" long. Very good condition.

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