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We love mixing and matching decades and styles. These are some of our favorite vintage looks.

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The fun behind wearing vintage is that there are no rules. We love mixing and matching decades, styles, and patterns to create a unique look. Sometimes we even wear clothing backwards (gasp!). Here are some of our stylized looks to bring you inspiration to your wardrobe.

Classical Elements Related to Vintage Fashion


The element of air is connected to wind, the breath, the mind, the mental body and the experience of the intellect. Air is active, cleansing, expressive, insightful and high frequency. 


The element of earth is connected to soil, stones, and minerals, as well as plants, wood, the physical body, and the experience of structure, support, growth and physical manifestation.


The element of fire is connected to heat, warmth, energy, the actual spark of life and fire of digestion, and therefore the experience of the transformative power of the soul and spiritual body.


The element of water is connected with all the moisture in our bodies and on the planet, the emotional body, feeling, love, empathy, exchange, sexuality, passion, intuition and creativity.

Style with Sheen

Glimmer when Unexpected

Shine is Texture

Satin + Matte

Color + Shine

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