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RetroWash clean Bloomers and Frocks RetroWash clean Bloomers and Frocks
RetroWash $20.00
Not sure how to wash vintage clothes? Check out our resources for tips and tricks. RetroWash is THE product we use to wash most of our vintage. This power is perfect for everyday washing, cottons, silks, linens, lace, and more. Now you can clean your vintage at home with the same products that we use professionally.  Retro Clean-Retro Wash One Pound Bag. An eco-safe solution for all your laundry needs including your delicate and vintage textiles including: quilts linens clothing lace and more! The gentle cleansing action works well on all fabrics including cottons silks and wools. Contains no dyes phosphates optical brighteners or perfumes. Leaves no residue and is safe for sensitive skin. It is low sudsing biodegradable and highly concentrated. For hand washing or standard and HE washers. This package contains one pound of retro wash. Made in USA.   
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RetroClean clean Bloomers and Frocks RetroClean clean Bloomers and Frocks
RetroClean $10.00
Not sure how to remove stubborn stains from vintage clothes or how to clean vintage clothing? Now you can use the products we use professionally at Bloomers and Frocks. We have removed blood stains from a 1930s wedding dress and rust stains from an Edwardian gown with this cleanser. We believe in this product. Note that results will vary from garment to garment. See our resources for tips and truck on how to clean your vintage.  Retro Clean 4 oz bag. The gentle solution for safely removing yellow and brown age stains from all washable vintage fabrics including: laces linens quilts tablecloths clothing aprons and more! It removes stains related to water damage mildew coffee tea blood and more. It will leave your fabric with renewed color and vitality. This package contains 4 oz of retro clean. RetroWas sold separately. Eco- safe. Made in USA. RetroClean is for more difficult stains, yellowing, or aging in vintage clothes. Need an everyday cleaner? Check out hr sister product RetroWash for everyday cleaning.