Vintage Style Lesson: Under and Over

Posted on July 16 2019

Vintage Style Lesson: Under and Over

We frequently find ourselves adoring details in vintage lingerie and undergarments. Gorgeous nighties, slips, bloomers, and petticoats can be easily styled for daily wear. Pictured is a pair of 1960s cherry red ruffled bloomers, seen worn under a nude petticoat from the 1940s. Try styling your favorite sheer pieces over other articles for a fun look while optimizing the use of your romantically made vintage. This concept works great for vests and outwear. Pictured is a Gloria Sachs abstract bolero jacket from the 1970s. The full pattern and color complement the opposing neutral bottom and ties the outfit all together with coverage and eye-catching colors. Don’t be afraid to wear your bloomers as shorts, they don’t make them so cute to never be seen! Sometimes there is sheer pleasure in lesser.

Stylist and Photographer: Kaitlynn Dawson
Model: Alyssa Wallen

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