Vintage Style Lesson: In the Cards

Posted on August 12 2019

Vintage Style Lesson: In the Cards

We all know vintage shopping can be filled with digging and searching. A good tip we suggest when vintage shopping is never have too high of expectations. Leaving your options open allows for great pieces to jump out and catch your attention. Pictured is a 1980s crinkled emerald and gold dragon scale gown. There are extremely amazing pieces that are often looked over as “too formal” or “too bold.” This stunning dress by “The Generals Residence” could have been one of those pieces. Thankfully we found her and her lovely rhinestone back details because, alas, we had her long lost perfectly matching aura cluster brooch waiting in the shop. Sometimes with vintage, you find not what you want, but what you didn’t know you needed. Just shop and let the cards unfold!


Stylist and Photographer: Kaitlynn Dawson
Model: Alyssa Wallen

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