Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guide 20222

Bloomers and Frocks Vintage Gift Guide

Every year, we often struggle to find the perfect gifts for the people in our lives that we want to show a token of appreciation for. What better way than to find a one-of-a-kind vintage items that speaks to their personality. Not only is it sustainable and environmentally friendly, you can be sure that no one else gifted them the same item. Here's some themes that we know our friends and family share, perhaps you will find the perfect gift this holiday season for those who seem to have it all. Which one of these ladies do you have in your life? 

The Beach Lover

We all have that one friend, or amazing aunt, who is always on vacation with a margarita in her hand and her beach chair in the sand. Weekend trips to Tulum, weeks in South Beach, or summers at Lake Michigan, there's something soothing about being at the beach. And we all know when she isn't on vacation, she is dreaming of her next beach destination. Not to worry, we've got you covered with swim cover-ups, vintage bathing suits, a glam pair of sunnies, and all the vintage beach theme jewelry you can store in your sand castle box.

Vintage Beach Clothes and Accessories from Bloomers and Frocks

Glam Girl

How about that friend who turns up to your backyard weekend BBQ in full on evening attire? No occasion is too small for her to dress up. She's the one you see rocking her mink coat at H-E-B, red lips on a Tuesday morning, and sequins on Thursday night. We have got the gifts of sparkle and glam for her! Rhinestone and pearl jewelry, shiny Whiting and Davis purses, a statement brooch, and even the perfect vintage fur coats and stoles. 


Glamourous Vintage Clothes and Accessories from Bloomers and Frocks

Witch Woman

Your BFF might not really be joking when she asks if you want to put a hex on your ex, but we all know that good magic is the way to go! For your mystical friend, we have all sorts of vintage creature jewelry, poison rings and bottle necklaces, Edwardian shoes, Victorian jewels, and so much more. Gift her something beautiful and maybe she will surprise you with a blessing.

Vintage Witch Clothes and Accessories from Bloomers and Frocks

The Hopeless Romantic

She's the one who will be watching Love Actually on repeat this season, rooting for love to win! Pink is her power color, and she loves all things feminine. We have got a lot in store to gift her from silk and rayon vintage lingerie to pearl accessories. Barbiecore is trending and we are stocked full of hot pink apparel. Another great idea is to snag her a gift card and bring her back to our annual Galentine's Party (February 9, 2023) and spend quality time while shopping with her! Win-Win solution.

Romantic Vintage lingerie and jewelry from Bloomers and Frocks

Your Kinky Best Friend

She's the one who will make you blush with her dirty jokes, and yet you live vicariously through her stories of fantasy and fun. We've got lots of vintage undergarments, accessories ranging from subtle (pineapple necklace) to BDSM themed (pretty collars). Grab her a unique gift that will make her blush for once! We just hope this gift isn't for your mother.


Vintage kinky clothing and accessories from Bloomers and Frocks

Western Woman

Texas gals know how to get out on the dance floor and spin in those boots! But in order to rock the western style, you need a bit more than boots. Snag your tooled leather purse, studded leather belt, and bolo tie as a gift for those western women in your life.

Vintage Western Clothing and Accessories from Bloomers and Frocks

Animal Lover

You hear her before you see her "omg, what cutie!" in her baby voice, bent over, to pet a pup as you take a leisurely stroll. She's obsessed with saving all the animals, and wears a little too much animal print, rivaling Carol Baskin with her wardrobe. We have the perfect vintage gifts for this lady in your life: animal themed jewelry, fur accessories (and vegan options), and animal print vintage clothing. You know she's going to buy all the tacky stuff herself anyways, why not help her build her collection?

Vintage Animal Print Clothing and vintage jewelry from Bloomers and Frocks

Still can't find that perfect gift? We offer gift cards at the Austin shop so the ladies in your life can pick out the perfect item for themselves!