Classical Elements Related to Vintage Fashion

Classical Elements Related to Vintage Fashion

Fashion according to the classic elements. Here's a look at how to apply the elements to your vintage and modern wardrobe. Which element are you? Which of these do you vibe with?  Most great looks have a combination of two or three elements. Here's our interpretation.



The element of air is connected to wind, the breath, the mind, the mental body and the experience of the intellect. Air is active, cleansing, expressive, insightful and high frequency. 

Dress for cleverness, cleanliness and unique, intellectual combinations of stuff. Get clever about it, play with stuff, overthink things. Air represents the mind and intellect, so high concept understatement and stuff that tricks the eye are key. Air also crosses boundaries, so androgynous looks are airy automatically. The lofty, detached perspective of air means “Even if it seems like I want you to look at what I’m wearing, the way I’ve styled it is so interesting to me I don’t really care what you think.”



The element of earth is connected to soil, stones, and minerals, as well as plants, wood, the physical body, and the experience of structure, support, growth and physical manifestation.

Dress for texture, weight and heft. Think lush, heavy fabrics, comfort, and class. Also, bold statement pieces that are hefty but not ostentatious.  “I feel so safe and secure and strong and deliciously grounded by what I’m wearing, You probably want to touch me.”



The element of fire is connected to heat, warmth, energy, the actual spark of life and fire of digestion, and therefore the experience of the transformative power of the soul and spiritual body.

Dress for drama, effect, and rebelliousness. Rather than sensuality, go for sexuality, with pieces that are tight or even revealing- fierceness, ostentation, and show some skin. Fire is about wearing something that will unleash your inner maniac and turn every head as you walk by. Accessorize with seriously high heels and jewelry that is even a little ridiculous. “I am on fire in this outfit. I am fierce but approach with caution because I play by my own rules.”



The element of water is connected with all the moisture in our bodies and on the planet, the emotional body, feeling, love, empathy, exchange, sexuality, passion, intuition and creativity.

Dress for sensuality, flow, motion, and the feeling the clothes give you. Go for clothing that changes the way you feel - things that make noise or change shape when they move. Things that feel like you’re swimming inside of them - oversized anything, grandpa sweaters, lush (faux) furs, maxi-dresses or anything that has an effect that seems to transform your state of mind. "It doesn't matter what I'm wearing... all that matters is how it makes me feel."


Photo Credits:
Photographer: Sabrina Dunne Photo, Stylist: Nina Sarahphina, Models: Kaitlynn Dawson, Tyler Sanders, Haemy Chung, and Vickey Lee.