2019 Holiday Vintage Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Vintage Gift Guide


Vintage is special. Its unique, now one-of-a-kind, and often a personal or sentimental gift. If you are searching for that *perfect* gift for the ladies in your life (think mom, aunts, grandma, girlfriend, wife, sister, colleagues, etc.), vintage is a way to show you put thought into your gift. Struggling to come up with the perfect item? Let our team of experts help you pick out the perfect gift. Here's some suggestions to help you along.

    The MidCentury Lover
      For the woman who loves bold, clean lines, grab a travel bag, cat eyes sunglasses (needed year round for driving), a cool cigarette case (which can double as a card holder), or bakelite or novelty jewelry.
        The Animal Lover
          Animal print and animal jewelry are all in vogue right now. Chain stores have ripped off vintage designs and producing them as new. Why have a knock off when you can have an original. So let her unleash her inner beast with an animal inspired accessory.
          The Mystical Woman

          Is she always reading her horoscope or checking moon phases? Perhaps the cards hold a mystical accessory for her gift? We have tons of zodiac jewelry, semi-precious stone jewelry, and large magical crystals. Our shop expert Kaitlynn can even teach you the meta-physical properties behind the gemstones you chose.
          The Cosmetics Queen

          If she's always experimenting with pretty colors on her face, perhaps a vintage compact, perfume bottle, or lipstick mirror will be the perfect one of a kind gift she wont find at Sephora!
          The Hair Diva

          Is her hair always on point? We have a variety of accessories from everyday vintage bobby pins to jeweled tiaras to adorn her locks.
          The Classic Woman

          Nothing screams class and tradition like a strand of pearls. While you might not want to splurge on the real deal, vintage pearls have a similar luster as those ocean beauties. We have tons of shapes, lengths, and colors to chose from. 
          The Christmas Lover
          We all know one, the lady who cant get enough of the holidays. Shes blasting that holiday music right after Halloween and leaves her tree up through January. We've got you covered with holiday brooches, earrings, and purses. Or if you are like our shop lady, Chelsea, you might even think cactus' are for the holiday spirit!
          All The Others
          Did you draw a name from the work Secret Santa and know nothing about the lady you drew? Or that crazy aunt you only see during the holidays? Need a hostess gift for someone throwing the party that you've never met? No clue what to get them? We now stock locally made Takona Soapery products: lotions, candles, soaps, and essential oils. Its the perfect appreciation gift and they smell oh so good!