Vintage Style School

  • 6 Ways to Wear Vintage Brooches

    Everyone fancies the charm of vintage brooches and pins, but follow their admiration with a frequently asked question: “How do I style these?!” Here we are to help! There are...

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  • Vintage Style Lesson: Diving Deep

    We all have amazing unique qualities. With our vintage, you can find pieces that enhance your personality, self-expression, and wardrobe. Pictured below is a stunning 1940s deep red changing robe...

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  • Vintage Style Lesson: In the Cards

    We all know vintage shopping can be filled with digging and searching. A good tip we suggest when vintage shopping is never have too high of expectations. Leaving your options...

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  • Style School: Costume Jewelry Styles Throughout the Decades

    Costume Jewelry Styles Throughout the Decades Vintage costume jewelry has changed throughout the decades, contingent on fashion styles, availability of materials, and cultural influences. Here's a brief overview of how...

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  • Vintage Style Lesson: Titania: Queen of Fairies

    There’s something magical about this 1930s changing robe. Subtle “love-in-idleness” florals peaking through peachy silk. Easily wear changing robes as gowns for an etherical entrance to any evening. The front...

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  • Vintage Style Lesson: Under and Over

    We frequently find ourselves adoring details in vintage lingerie and undergarments. Gorgeous nighties, slips, bloomers, and petticoats can be easily styled for daily wear. Pictured is a pair of 1960s...

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