Vintage Style School

  • How to Shop for Vintage that is Perfect for You!

    The world of vintage fashion is a large and ungainly one with as many garments to go through as there are days in history. Overwhelming is a word that can...

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  • The History of Vintage Hats

    All you need to know about chapeau! When asked what some of the strangest, and the most fun items we come across are for filling our shop, the answer is...

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  • Woman wearing vintage lingerie, vintage girdle, from top rated vintage clothing store in Austin, Texas
    A brief overview of women's vintage lingerie types and styles over the decades including vintage slips, vintage nightgowns, vintage bras, vintage robes, and more styles of women's vintage lingerie.
    Types of Vintage Lingerie

    Vintage Lingerie and Underpinnings: A Brief (not boyshort) Summary We all know a good set of vintage lingerie, or none-at-all, can make us feel on top of the world.  Whether...

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  • Holiday Gift Guide 2020
    Top vintage gifts for all the women in your life.
    Holiday Gift Guide 2020

    I think we can all agree that its been one heck of a year! As the holidays are upon us and its time to send out gifts to our loved...

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  • 70 Years of Style: 1920s-1970s

    Fashion Through the Decades: An Exploration of Fashion from the 1920s-1970s Pre-pandemic, we worked with Sabrina Dunne Photography to capture how style has changed throughout the years. While fashion may...

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  • BF Customer Community

     Hello Vintage Lovers. I'm Rebekka Adams, proprietor of Bloomers and Frocks. Dropping this blog post during the Covid-19 pandemic seems surreal. Many of us are on an emotional roller coasters,...

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