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  • History of Damascene Jewelry

      Originating in Syria and exported to Spain during the Moorish conquest in the early 700s AD, damascene is an artform that has literally been around for centuries. It was...

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  • History of Vintage Italian Micro Mosaic Jewelry

    The History of Italian Micro Mosaic Jewelry Micro-mosaics are created from tiny pieces of glass or enamel, called tesserae, which are arranged to form an image. Each micro mosaic is...

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  • Vintage Fabrics for a Cool Summer

    As we creep towards the hottest days of the year, our outfits are often the first thing to fall apart in the heat. We often trade our duds that make...

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  • How to Shop for Vintage that is Perfect for You!

    The world of vintage fashion is a large and ungainly one with as many garments to go through as there are days in history. Overwhelming is a word that can...

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  • The History of Vintage Hats

    All you need to know about chapeau! When asked what some of the strangest, and the most fun items we come across are for filling our shop, the answer is...

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  • Types of Vintage Lingerie
    A brief overview of women's vintage lingerie types and styles over the decades including vintage slips, vintage nightgowns, vintage bras, vintage robes, and more styles of women's vintage lingerie.
    Types of Vintage Lingerie

    Vintage Lingerie and Underpinnings: A Brief (not boyshort) Summary We all know a good set of vintage lingerie, or none-at-all, can make us feel on top of the world.  Whether...

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