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  • Holiday Gift Guide 2020
    Top vintage gifts for all the women in your life.
    Holiday Gift Guide 2020

    I think we can all agree that its been one heck of a year! As the holidays are upon us and its time to send out gifts to our loved...

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  • 70 Years of Style: 1920s-1970s

    Fashion Through the Decades: An Exploration of Fashion from the 1920s-1970s Pre-pandemic, we worked with Sabrina Dunne Photography to capture how style has changed throughout the years. While fashion may...

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  • BF Customer Community

     Hello Vintage Lovers. I'm Rebekka Adams, proprietor of Bloomers and Frocks. Dropping this blog post during the Covid-19 pandemic seems surreal. Many of us are on an emotional roller coasters,...

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  • Classical Elements Related to Vintage Fashion

    Fashion according to the classic elements. Here's a look at how to apply the elements to your vintage and modern wardrobe. Which element are you? Which of these do you...

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  • 2019 Holiday Vintage Gift Guide

      Vintage is special. Its unique, now one-of-a-kind, and often a personal or sentimental gift. If you are searching for that *perfect* gift for the ladies in your life (think...

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  • 6 Ways to Wear Vintage Brooches

    Everyone fancies the charm of vintage brooches and pins, but follow their admiration with a frequently asked question: “How do I style these?!” Here we are to help! There are...

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